Read the LUPC Success Story

Hello and welcome back to another log of the Mercell UK blog.

Today we would like to share with you the success story of LUPC with Mercell CTM. 

Find out why LUPC likes to use Mercell CTM as their digital eSourcing platform and how did they transition from their previous system to the new platform.

We interviewed Antonio Ramirez, the Senior Category Manager at LUPC who is also coordinator of the eProcurement System Framework Agreement ITS5058 LU.

He talks about quite a bit:

  • the challenges they faced prior to switching to Mercell CTM
  • how they ran the selection process
  • what were they experiences during the transition
  • what's their favourite feature and why
  • how is Mercell CTM helping them achieve their business goals

Let us leave you with his thoughts.

"As the framework representative of an IT system, it is easier to champion and promote a solution that I find genuinely more intuitive to use than other platforms which take more time and effort to figure out."

Read the whole story by clicking HERE


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