Why Winchester City Council Chose Mercell - Success Story

We talked to Julie Mahoney, Procurement Manager at Winchester City Council about their experiences with Mercell CTM (Complete Tender Management) and why Winchester City Council chose Mercell.

Before switching to Mercell CTM, Winchester City Council used the procurement services from Hampshire County Council. They wanted their own tailored eProcurement system which they could control themselves. They recognised early on that they needed a user friendly e-tendering portal. They have now been using Mercell CTM eProcurement for over one year.

In her story, Julie shares:

  • What made them choose Mercell
  • Why they find the platform so useful and intuitive
  • How does she remember the transition period
  • What's her favourite feature and why (spoiler alert, she has more than one)

Let us leave you with her thoughts:

"Mercell CTM is easy to use and truly user friendly; simply put it just does what it says."

Read the full success story of Julie HERE

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