About Mercell

Mercell is the industry leading procurement marketplace that ties buyers and suppliers together.

Suppliers get easy and fast access to the full scope of tenders in the market – meaning they can generate more business. Buyers get access to the best suppliers via lean and compliant processes – meaning they will never miss a minute.

Mercell continually moves with the market needs - always evolving procurement.


Evolving procurement

Anyone working with the organised chaos of spreadsheets, PDF files, emails and such will recognise the need for a digital one stop procurement marketplace. Mercell is the industry leading tool that has evolved since its head start in 1999.

Mercell is the most comprehensive platform for supply and demand. Transparent tender and procurement processes integrated with compliance benefit both buyers and suppliers. Buyers will never miss a minute. And suppliers will never miss an opportunity to grow their market share.

+30 000 buyers and suppliers make Mercell the market leading solution within digital procurement. Both sides of the market benefit from our scale of business since they get access to the full scope of suppliers or tenders. But we will never rest on any old laurels. Inputs from dedicated users continually evolve our marketplace.

Use Mercell before, during and after contracts have been awarded. Use one or two of our services or even better: Let Mercell help you improve every aspect of the procurement process.

Mercell - evolving procurement.

Mercell Group - ESG Report 2022

Introduction: The world is facing considerable challenges, including reaching net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and developing a global society in line with UN sustainability goals. Everyone has a role to play and must contribute by building on their relative strengths.

Mercell will always strive to be open on our integrity due diligence processes. This includes both general information and information relating to a particular product or service that we offer. Therefore, Mercell is committed to providing transparency in accordance with the Norwegian Transparency Act (“åpenhetsloven”), and we strive to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. 

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Three business areas

Mercell makes time-saving procurement solutions for companies and organisations.

Business Opportunities

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Simple Sourcing

Strategic sourcing on a user-friendly platform, built to find the best suppliers.


Easy Procurement

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