Mercell Unveils New AI Capabilities and Supplier Support Services to Enhance Public Procurement Performance

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OSLO, Norway, May 27, 2024 – Mercell, the European Leading tender and bidding platform, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of new capabilities designed to boost supplier engagement and enhance competition in public spending. Starting in June, Mercell will introduce new AI-powered features along with a new portal aimed at educating and supporting suppliers in their journey to succeed in public business.


Background and Rationale

Commenting on the need for these advancements, Terje Wibe, CEO of Mercell, stated, "We know from the European Court of Auditor’s report that there in general is too low competition in the public sector. Widely distributed tenders lead to fair and open competition which will often lead to more attractive offers as well as improved quality and service. Given that we are dealing with taxpayers' money, it is crucial for the public sector to maximise value. While we provide a digital platform for buyers and suppliers to do business, Mercell also plays a crucial role in helping suppliers discover and enter the  public sector business, which for most suppliers offers great opportunities to win attractive contracts with the public sector.”


Introducing Mercell DealWise: A New Supplier Portal

With the commitment to foster supplier success, Mercell is proud to introduce DealWise, a new portal that offers certification for suppliers in public business and provides tips and advice on navigating the complexities of public procurement. This service is designed to empower suppliers with the knowledge and resources needed to compete more effectively.


New AI-Powered Features

In addition to DealWise, Mercell is launching AI into the monitoring services to all supplier customers. Customers will have access to tender summarisation, which converts complex procurement documents into clear, concise summaries. This capability provides immediate clarity on procurement details, uncovers hidden insights, and significantly reduces the time required to qualify each opportunity. Mercell is also introducing Better Tender Matching,  helping users discover the most relevant opportunities with unparalleled precision.

These enhancements simplify the public procurement process, making it easier for businesses to qualify for tenders and increasing their chances of success.

By embedding AI into our platform, we open up a world of tenders that might otherwise be overlooked, offering our customers unparalleled advantages in the tendering process.

Terje Wibe, CEO at Mercell

Exciting Prospects Ahead

"We are excited to introduce these AI capabilities, and there is more to come, both for buyers and suppliers. We at Mercell focus strongly on being a leader in technological innovation that provides valuable support and clear benefits for our customers. " said Terje Wibe, CEO at Mercell. "By embedding AI into our platform, we open up a world of tenders that might otherwise be overlooked, offering our customers unparalleled advantages in the tendering process."


About Mercell:

Mercell is the leading European provider of public tendering and bidding technology, dedicated to enhancing connectivity between public buyers and suppliers. Its platform solutions effectively streamline the public procurement journey, fostering increased efficiency and collaboration throughout the tendering process. Covering both small and large procurement needs, Mercell assists customers in realising better opportunity matches and ensuring legislative compliance across all of Europe. 


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