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Mercell is a market leader in digital tendering in the UK and Europe.

We offer the most innovative procurement and contract management platform for both public and private organisations for over 15 years.

We provide a PCR2015 and FTS compliant eSourcing solution to many clients across various sectors including Local Authorities, the NHS and Nuclear industry along with providing a range of collaborative portals including the Bluelight Emergency Services, LUPC National Universities framework and the national platform for the Public Sector in Ireland.

Let us help you get the most value from your work, your organisation, and from the market.

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Sourcing & Tendering

Procurement is a complex and time consuming process - especially when it takes place entirely via e-mail and using tools like Word and Excel.

The Mercell CTM system provides a simple but effective ‘easy to use’ solution by providing the user with a series of tailored workflow checklists allowing for easy adoption and intuitive navigation.

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Contract Management

Contracting new suppliers is not the end of the
process, it is just the start. Organizations can
quickly have thousands of contracts, and that
number rapidly grows.

Mercell CTM enables contract managers to unambiguously and transparently record all agreements with suppliers, signed contracts, and any contract changes.


Public Contract Register

With growing demand for organisations to produce quick, clear contract overview both internally and publicly, managing your contract register through typical office spreadsheets is a confusing and high-risk process.

Mercell allows for the centralised location of all your contracts with details such as values and dates which can be published live online.

What our customers say..

"CTM had a quality score 21% higher than the next nearest rival and was by far the most technically advantageous system." - University

"Uploading documents was so easy with drag and drop." - NHS

"This system is so much easier and straightforward to use compared to our previous system." - Local Authority