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Increase your public business knowledge and feel secure with our Academy & Support services - a professional partner beside you, every step of the journey.

Growing thousands of businesses

A partnership. Every step of the way.

Mercell Academy & Support gives you an extra business partner to unlock business potential in the public sector. It boosts your market knowledge and brings new insights and strategies to ensure your success in public procurement. You get end-to-end deal support to ensure all your questions are covered - teaching you everything from legal advice to creating high-probability bids.


Improve your understanding of public procurement processes

We simplify complex regulations and procedures into clear, actionable steps, and enable you to approach public procurements with confidence and knowhow, making sure you are well prepared for every stage of your bidding journey.


Boost your strategies and decision-making

Discover how to make well-informed, data-driven decisions using available information, leading to the development of more competitive bids and pricing proposals. Align your offerings with market needs to increase your likelihood of success.


Get access to expert guidance, support and industry insights

From detailed guides on bid preparation to expert webinars on market trends, we’ll keep you updated on the latest in procurement and provide you with the expertise needed to adapt your strategies in response to market changes and opportunities.

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