Creating a growth pipeline for Philips in Denmark

A smart algorithm scans the entire public market for Philips and sends them business opportunities directly to their inbox. Why spend vast resources searching for tenders manually, when software can do it to near perfection.

Mercell scans all tenders in the Danish market

Any new tender that might be of interest to Philips in the Danish market will be gathered and sent to their inbox the day it's published. Mercell ensures that Philips never misses a potential contract in the public sector, where signing a deal could mean a solid recurring revenue for the next four years.

Philips is a major player in health science and the public sector is their biggest market. Our job is to turn that market into a tailored pipeline of tenders.


It's nice to have a partner who understands us and our business, who sometimes provides new solutions before we see them ourselves, because they know us so well.

Trine Damø, Key Account Manager - Philips Denmark

Turning the public market into a flow of projects

We monitor the public market for Philips, but it still takes expert knowledge to win the contracts. When Philips outsources the monitoring part to us, they free up time to evaluate tenders, do competitive research and write better offers. This strategic work increases their chances of winning.

By using technology, Philips will get the tenders as soon as they get published. That means they sometimes get more preparation time than their competitors.

The solution: A search agent built on client data

When Philips invests in Discover, we have a conversation with them about which types of markets they are interested in, and which products and services they provide.

With this knowledge, we select keywords and business codes that match their products. Our software now starts crawling the market, and catches all tenders matching their profile. It saves Philips a lot of work hours, and their tender specialists are now 100% focused on winning projects in their pipeline.

Many companies the size of Philips have people working full-time searching for tenders, and still they sometimes overlook promising multi-million-Euro-contracts for mainly two reasons:

  1. It's hard to follow all tender platforms in all their markets. Doing it manually steals resources.
  2. If you spend your time searching, you have less time to create competitive, well-written offers.

Software automation is the easiest step towards more efficiency, and we love to see our solutions make that happen. Any task that benefits from being automated should be automated. The time of your employees are spent best on work that only people can do: strategy, solid research, and innovation.

That's the true purpose of tender automation. Human efficiency.

Evolving markets needs adaptable software solutions. Especially in tech where Philips is a key player, new products and trends will arise fast. With our technology, they can target specific public markets and customer needs in different countries. We scan the market for them, so they can focus on their business and their customers.

Kasper Schlundt - Customer Success Manager - Mercell Denmark

"A collaboration with Mercell means automation. Business potential. Access to market data and more time to win your contracts. Software does the searching, so Philips gets more time to win bids and grow their business, and when they do, we celebrate. Because the contract they just won was discovered by us."

Collaboration and understanding is the key to win tenders

When we know exactly what kind of tenders, Philips is looking for, we can make a one-of-a-kind tender agent for them. Sometimes a company wants to target a specific niche in a market. In this case, we create additional search algorithms designed to scan that specific area only to improve our accuracy.

A win-win solution for both the contractor and for Philips

Now every contractor in this area who posts a tender can be certain that Philips will get it. So what Mercell does is actually helping both sides, the contractors looking for a service and the companies who provide it. By optimizing their search profile, Philips starts evaluating tenders as soon as they arrive in their inbox. We also have a product showing data on the competition level and economic value in each market. That means they can target tenders with the best value compared with the chance of winning. Insights and a clear focus makes a big difference.

Mercell helps solve a lot of challenges for Philips by being a partner, and not just a service provider with a standard solution. They give us a better opportunity to continuously adapt to the market, which is important so we know the market pulse for tenders.

Berit Nilsson, Nordic Tender & Contract Specialist - Philips Denmark