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Mercell is more than just a Source-to-Contract tool - it is a better way to buy

Strategic sourcing can be a complex and time-consuming process. Especially when having decisive information spread around emails, spreadsheets and PDFs.

You spend a lot of your time organising the process, instead of adding value to your organisation. Your projects feel like chaos, it is challenging to see where things stand, and people are stressed.

Mercell Source-to-Contract helps you structure the process and information of your sourcing projects and contracts, and gives you time to breathe. Everything is available in one place, accessible to all stakeholders, so you can focus on what is important: comparing and contracting suppliers while ensuring transparency and compliance.

Discover our modules within the Mercell Source-to-Contract solution:

Intake Management

As a purchasing department you want to have control on all purchasing needs within your organisation. You want to be able to advise and support. You know best how to get the most value out of the market.

Intake management is the portal for your colleagues to the purchasing department. 

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Sourcing & Tendering

Finding the right suppliers is what enables an organisation to meet its goals and ambitions. A structured sourcing & tendering process is then vital. With Mercell Source-to-Contract, you gain full control over all your projects.

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Public Tendering

Within Public Procurement you want to comply with the law, reduce risks and streamline complex processes. 

Mercell provides all the means to accommodate for every unique situation. Use standard processes or create your own, unique way of working.

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Contract Management

Contracting new suppliers is not the end of the process, it is just the start. Organisations easily have hundreds of contracts without even realising it. Mercell provides you full control over your contracts and the ability to monitor and act on contract objectives.

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Supplier Management

As a supplier manager it’s difficult to find all the relevant information about all your suppliers. What contracts do I have with this supplier? In which tenders did they participate? How is their performance? How are they doing compared to the other suppliers?

With Mercell you have a 360-degree overview of every supplier. 

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Performance Survey

During the purchasing and contracting process, all kinds of agreements and promises are made regarding the expected performance. As a buyer or contract manager you want to be able to objectively assess suppliers based on the agreed KPIs. 

Mercell enables measuring and recording the performance of suppliers and contracts. 

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