Intake Management


As a buyer you aren’t always the most visible within your organisation. You are also not always brought into the purchasing process at the right time. Or have access to all the relevant information. In combination, this can lead to improper or even illegitimate purchases taking place in your organisation.

As a purchasing department you want to have control on all purchasing needs within your organisation. You want to be able to advise and support. Because you know best how to get the most value out of the market.

Intake Management is the portal for your colleagues to the purchasing department. It asks the right questions in a user-friendly way to map out purchasing needs. Each purchasing need is therefore always fully described, allowing you to safeguard the purchasing policy and deliver maximum added value to your organisation.

How does it work?

Provide everyone in your organisation access to procurement

Without needing another login, people in your organisation can find the form and send it in to procurement. The form is completely tailored to your needs and based on the answering of the user, additional questions are asked to give procurement all the data necessary.

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Manage and accept received requests

Monitor the requests that come in and see their approval status.

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Transition to a tender when needed

Give the requester the ability to request offers themselves, or take it over and start a tender as a buyer including valuable data from the request.

Approval of requests happens in the app and can include multiple levels.

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The smart form supports the customer in finding the right information. Existing contracts, the ordering system or the purchasing department.

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Set up approval workflows so that all intake forms pass through the right stakeholders.

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Inform the customer about the necessary actions and possibilities while filling in the form, based on set purchasing policies.

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