Performance Survey


During the purchasing and contracting process, all kinds of agreements and promises are made regarding the expected performance. As a buyer or contract manager you want to be able to objectively assess suppliers based on the agreed KPIs. In addition, it is important to know exactly how your stakeholders feel about the actual performance delivered.

Measuring this performance provides valuable input for discussions with suppliers and internal stakeholders. As a result, you are in control and you have all the data you need to address concerns and act on agreements.

Mercell enables measuring and recording the performance of suppliers and contracts. This process is fully digital and it automatically displays the scores per KPI, so that you can set out actions and inform stakeholders based on the results. Performance Surveys provides valuable input for contract and supplier managers.

How does it work?

Make performance measurable

Measure performance periodically, both among internal stakeholders and the supplier itself. Create your own surveys and receive assessments without the need for assessors to log in. Collect valuable input and manage the quality of the service.

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Part of the bigger picture

Do not get lost in scores and data, but link it directly to relevant information elsewhere in Mercell. By linking surveys to contracts and suppliers, survey results are directly visible within the related supplier profile.

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Zoom in through flexible filtering

Identify differences in supplier performance between, for example, regions, branches or functions. Using custom filters you can zoom in on each requested element within a survey.

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Efficient access through open registration

Use the self-service principle to make assessments part of your own processes and reduce the management burden at the same time. The open subscribe option within a survey enables assessors to access at anytime via a link, for example on the intranet.

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Easily draft your own surveys. It's as simple as Google Forms or Survey Monkey.

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Link results to contracts and suppliers to create a 360 view.

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Gather input via a weblink or email.


Build and share your own reports.

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