Sourcing & Tendering

Finding the right suppliers is what enables an organisation to meet its goals and ambitions. A structured sourcing & tendering process is then vital. With Mercell Source-to-Contract, you gain full control over all your projects.

Forget about scattered emails, documents and spreadsheets. Use our questionnaires to collect and aggregate the data for side-by-side comparison and auto-scoring of your offers.

This eases the process of comparing, analysing and selecting the best offer.

Keep everyone in the loop

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Access to sourcing projects and tenders. See progress and generate reports - reach your strategic goals.

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Lead buyers

Stay on top of your projects and collaborate with your team. Workflow tools help you meet your deadlines.

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Stakeholders and contributors outside of the organisation can easily contribute.

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When the bids are in, we enable a smooth evaluation process. No more searching for documents or pricing sheets!

How does it work?

Sourcing projects involve numerous stakeholders, project members and advisors. Each project includes team members with custom authorizations for viewing and editing files, information and communication.

Flexibility by design

Templated questionnaires and pricing sheets speed up the building of your projects like never before. Set up multiple-choice questions, request documents or large text responses as easy as writing an email.

They also lay the groundwork for comparing offers later in the process. Set up auto-scoring and algorithms to verify the completeness and accuracy of the offers right after opening the vault.

Want to take a short cut? Upload your requirements as documents instead of building questionnaires and keep it simple.

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Immediately check offers on completeness

A common problem with requesting offers containing lots of documents and files is making sure suppliers actually submitted all of them. With Mercell, we do the check for you. A first check on the offers shows you if all the answering and documents are present per supplier.

No need to worry about missing prices or bothering your evaluators with incomplete offers.

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Everybody joins for getting to that best offer

Getting your evaluators on board is hard. Having them navigate through complex software just to evaluate an offer once or even a couple of times a year is cumbersome.

With Mercell, evaluators start evaluating with the click of a button. After inviting them, they just follow the link in their email and land in a dedicated evaluation page to start scoring the offers. No unnecessary menus to go through, no information to check, that is not required.

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Turning offers into data

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Communicating with the suppliers about the result

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Reporting on all tenders from
your team

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Business Process Management - Making Mercell work the way you work

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