Supplier Management


As a supplier manager, it’s difficult to find all the relevant information about your suppliers.

What contracts do I have with this supplier? In which tenders did they participate? How is the performance? How are they doing compared to the other suppliers?

These are all questions that you’d love to answer easily. And most of the time, those answers are spread throughout the organisation.

To be able to focus on realising objectives and managing relationships, you want to have all data immediately available, without having to worry about whether it is up to date. You also don’t want to manage everything yourself, but rather work collaboratively with your supplier.

With Mercell you have a 360-degree overview of every supplier. It provides insight into contracts, performance, compliance, and much more. You can request documents via Mercell and suppliers can manage their data themselves. This saves time and allows both of you to focus on maximising outcomes.

How does it work?

One archive per supplier

All activities of each supplier are combined into one supplier profile. Not only the contracts, but also certificates, performances, messaging, important documents and the status of all tenders.

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Automate compliance

Suppliers will automatically receive a message when a certificate is outdated. They upload a new version themselves, to ensure compliance without you ever having to think about it.

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Execute based on KPIs

Gain insight into supplier performance and share conclusions with your stakeholders. See which suppliers show positive or negative trends and are performing below the set standards. This way you can have the right conversation with each supplier.

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Risks under control with risk management 

Set risks per supplier and manage mitigating actions. Keep track of the status of those risks and report on them across your supplier database.

This improves your insights in the risk and possible impact on your business.

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Say goodbye to 'ad hoc', 'fragmented' and 'local' and make measuring and recording supplier performance a professional process.

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Suppliers keep their documents and certificates up-to-date and are notified about this by the system.

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No more searching for emails and agreeements. With supplier management you have the option of group communication, both internally and with suppliers.
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Prevent supplier data from becoming outdated, duplicate or incomplete by linking with 'Financial services providers'.

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