Contract Management



Facilitate Collaboration

Contracting new suppliers is not the end of the process, it is just the start.

The CTM system allows for complete Contract Management from start to finish including facilitating collaboration with your suppliers through messaging, document management and performance reporting.

The system provides a complete centralised location for all your contract data allowing immediate roll-out across the entire organisation where required.

Always In Control

Manage contracts proactively using automatic notifications. This means you are always informed of outstanding tasks and developments on time. Reports offer you quick insight and valuable information to more easily share with management and stakeholders.


More Oversight & Insight

Keep a grip on all contracts by recording them centrally and uniformly. From one-off delivery to framework contracts - make all contract agreements and documents available online to the right
stakeholders, improving transparency and clarity.

Our Scope:


From receiving purchase requests to managing contracts and suppliers.


Future Compliance

The Green Paper titled "Transforming Public Procurement" was presented to Parliament by the Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office in December 2020.

The Green Paper’s latest requirement is for effective Contract Management across your organisation lending to higher control and greater efficiency outcomes for suppliers working to provide goods & services.

Key requirements are:

  • 220 Introduction – Effective Contract Management
  • 223 Contract Amendment Notices
  • 242 Using feedback to drive supplier excellence

With Mercell CTM you can easily be compliant with these requirements.

Key Features Listed

  • e-Contracts, incl. creation of contracts, import of contracts
  • Performance evaluations
  • Management for Suppliers, KPIs, and sub-contracts
  • Contract amendments and standalone notices
  • Export to finance systems
  • Management of multiple framework contracts, further competitions and call-offs

What our customers say..

"CTM had a quality score 21% higher than the next nearest rival and was by far the most technically advantageous system." - University

"Uploading documents was so easy with drag and drop." - NHS

"This system is so much easier and straightforward to use compared to our previous system." - Local Authority

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