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Better contract management. Throughout the contract lifecycle.

Streamline your contract management from drafting to execution by managing all crucial documents in one place. Meet and fulfil your obligations across the entire contract lifecycle, both pre-signing and post-signing.

Growing thousands of businesses

Meet your deadlines. Meet better public business.

Mercell Contract Lifecycle Management goes beyond just organising contracts. We guide you through the entire lifecycle, ensuring deadlines and obligations are met. With tools to monitor deadlines and address deviations through direct claims to suppliers, we offer dynamic follow-up within the system. We empower buyers with the insights needed to act proactively, minimise risks, and unlock potential savings in contracts.


Reduce risk

Minimise risk by keeping track of contracts, obligations, and key deadlines. Standardise contract creation and follow-up within a structured framework, ensuring a clear overview and consistent approach.


Tõhusta haldamist

Meiega on lepingute haldamine koondatud ühte kohta, mis tagab hankijatele ja lepinguhalduritele vahetu juurdepääsu vajalikule infole. See võimaldab esitada aruandlust, mis tahes projekti kohta.


Transform hidden costs to savings

We enhance contract visibility and centralise records, empowering you to uncover hidden costs and turn them into savings.

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