Sourcing & Tendering

The Mercell CTM system provides a simple but effective ‘easy-to-use’ solution by providing the user with a series of tailored workflow checklists allowing for easy adoption and intuitive navigation.

CTM follows a ‘once only’ principal, removing the constant re-inputting of the same data while meeting internal governance and PCR2015 requirements backed by audit reports.

Evaluation & Award

Automate the evaluation of tenders and the communication of awards or rejections. Share an extensive, automatically generated reasoning with the supplier and keep the entire tender in one complete purchase file. This way you have a grip on the tendering process from design to award.


Contract Management

Contracting new suppliers is not the end of the process, it is just the start.

As a contract manager you want to be in control of realizing intended contract objectives. This can save you between 5% and 10% of the contract value. Mercell allows contract managers to unambiguously and transparently record all agreements with suppliers, signed contracts, and any contract changes.

We believe in user-friendly software that seamlessly facilitates the process, integrates with other systems, and converts data into management and decision-making information.

Public Contracts Register

The Public Contract Register provides instant information for ALL internal staff, the general public or suppliers including facilitating FOI requests. Linked to the system and the Contract Management module, all data is driven by the contract managers and the information added or removed on a day to day basis.


What our customers say..

"CTM had a quality score 21% higher than the next nearest rival and was by far the most technically advantageous system." - University

"Uploading documents was so easy with drag and drop." - NHS

"This system is so much easier and straightforward to use compared to our previous system." - Local Authority

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