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Sourcing & Tendering

Procurement is a complex and time consuming process - especially when it is managed via email and using Word and Excel files.

The Mercell CTM system provides a simple but effective ‘easy to use’ solution by providing the user with a series of tailored workflow checklists allowing for easy adoption and intuitive navigation.

Efficient & Structured

Collaborate in the digital project environment, set the schedule, and generate and share relevant process documents. Replace existing Word based questionnaires with online and structured question templates. This allows suppliers to respond to requirements online for electronic evaluation.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Mercell is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced purchasers. Suppliers also register without barriers and without paying for accessing tender information.

The Mercell CTM eProcurement and Contract Management platform is a intuitive , easy to use system to run compliant public tenders. The system can be configured to your specific workflow processes and be up and running within 4 weeks. Why not have a look at this short 14 minute overview video giving a taste of what it is capable of:


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Always the right choice

Automate the evaluation of tenders and the communication of awards or rejections. Share an extensive, automatically generated reasoning with the supplier and keep the entire tender in one complete purchase file. This way you have a grip on the tendering process from design to award.

Perfect for infrequent users, too

"It's easier to just send an email, isn't it..?"

Using our simple ‘checklist workflow’ process with just a few short steps and user permissions providing functional security, organisations can facilitate devolved purchasing and allow users further afield to run their quotes through the CTM platform for fast, efficient results while maintaining control of a centralised location of all data and purchases along with strong audit reports.

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

For several years now, DPS has been strongly encouraged by PCR2015 and provides a slick method for frequent purchases using a controlled process and abolishing the ‘expiry date’ of locked frameworks allowing suppliers to join at any time. Uses range from Parking Services to Taxi Routes or any manner of repeated purchase, commonly low-value but of a significant collective quantity.

The Mercell CTM system provides a market leading DPS workflow process currently in use by multiple organisations across the UK, managing 1000’s of suppliers and 1000’s of call-off projects with ease.


Low value RFQ / Quick Quotes

As an organisation trying to monitor tail end spend and supplier fairness, managing low value purchases is often done via quick emails but without any control, audit or regard for reaching out to the marketplace. Despite the low value, often organisations make thousands of small purchases which consequently add up to a large amount of the spend budget.

As a procurement team, the ability to keep track of low value spend is essential in promoting more efficient procurement and local economic regeneration with your supply chain. The Mercell CTM system offers an incredibly simple and fast solution for running low value quotes (typically 3 prices back from your selected suppliers) without the need for training and abolishing the legacy route of sending emails. By using the simple workflow checklist process, CTM offers over 80,000 UK registered suppliers to immediately draw from to ensure the right people are invited and removing the need to trawl the marketplace for potential providers.

What our customers say..

"CTM had a quality score 21% higher than the next nearest rival and was by far the most technically advantageous system." - University

"Uploading documents was so easy with drag and drop." - NHS

"This system is so much easier and straightforward to use compared to our previous system." - Local Authority

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