Public Contracts Register

Growing Demand

With growing demand for organisations to produce quick, clear contract overview information both internally and publicly, managing your Public Contract Register through typical office
spreadsheets is a confusing and high-risk process.


Clear, Accurate, Automated

The Public Contract Register provides instant information for ALL internal staff, the general public or suppliers including facilitating FOI requests. Linked to the system and the Contract Management module, all data is driven by the contract managers and the information added or removed on a day to day basis.

Selective Managed Approach

Contract Managers are able to define bespoke fields and select what data is published live and what is kept internal. This approach meets any current legislation for public viewing while allowing greater detail internally.


Centralised Location

Mercell allows for the centralised location of all your contracts bringing them together to form an accurate and transparent complete contract register. The Public Contract Register function allows for internal staff to review if contracts are already in place together with underlying details such as values and expiry dates, all without the need to log into the system.

To mirror this, the same register can be published live online for FOI (Freedom of Information) requests.

What our customers say..

"CTM had a quality score 21% higher than the next nearest rival and was by far the most technically advantageous system." - University

"Uploading documents was so easy with drag and drop." - NHS

"This system is so much easier and straightforward to use compared to our previous system." - Local Authority

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