Contract Management


Contracting new suppliers is not the end of the process, it is just the start. 

Organisations easily have hundreds of contracts, and that number rapidly grows. Research shows that about 10% of all contracts go missing.

Commonly, there is also an insufficient understanding of the contract objectives. Contracts don’t deliver what is expected of them.

As a contract manager you want to have an overview of all contracts and you want to stay in control of realising intended contract objectives. This can save your organisation between 5% and 10% of the contract value.

Mercell allows contract managers to unambiguously and transparently record all agreements with suppliers, signed contracts, and any contract adjustments. This allows managers to proactively manage and focus on realising the intended contract value and manage the relationship.

How does it work?

All your contracts at a glance

Stay on top of your contracts by storing them centrally and uniformly. From one-off delivery to framework contracts - make all contract agreements and documents available online to the right stakeholders, improving transparency and clarity.

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​​Access to anyone, if needed

Contracts are stored in categories. You decide who has access to individual contracts, or full categories. Completely customisable.

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Stay on top of things

Manage contracts proactively using automatic notifications.

You are always informed of open tasks and deadlines on time. Custom reports offer you quick insight and valuable information to share with management and other stakeholders. They can include contract data, but also open tasks. Stop looking for information, and start receiving actionable data reports periodically in your email.

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Create your own contract template

Decide the setup of your contracts with custom fields for all the contract data. Add files and tasks. Using triggers and formulas you can automate parts of the contract input and increase the quality of your data.

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Define your own report standards and include all metadata

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Connect to other software, like your ERP system

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Connect with Sourcing & Tendering to have all sourcing data in one system

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Easily expand Contract Management with Supplier Management to organise your supplier database

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